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Ajitoya Curry Chatan

Had lunch at this great soup curry place in Chatan, Okinawa. Soup curry was (apparently) invented in Hokkaido and has now been picked up all over Japan. Good thing about this curry is that there are lots of veggies and it doesn’t use as much oil as other “Japanese” curry. The thing about the curry at Ajitoya is is that they use Okinawan raw brown sugar, although you get little bit of a brown sugar flavor, it’s not that it tastes “sugary”. I ordered a Chicken Soup Curry at 40 hot (I think you can go from 0 to 80 hot or something), which in my opinion was so so hot, and had a very good flavor and a a good view, AND the price was good at about 1000 yen. Anyway, though it’s not really “Okinawan” tucker, give it a try!